I Have an Explanation

Email Sent in by Gary:

Hi Gary,

Sorry that I haven't written back sooner. I was a little freaked out yesterday after waking up in a stranger's bed completely naked and with no idea of how I got there.

I went to bed in my own bed in my own apartment the night before and then, the next morning, I woke up in a bedroom in a duplex with two venus fly traps next to me on the night table. No note and no sign of anyone. Just me, completely naked with no explanation.

A pile of my clothes was luckily nearby so I threw them on and left there to find out that I was only two houses down from the building where I live! I didn't stick around, but I spent most of yesterday and today trying to retrace my steps. I'm really shaken and I don't know what to do, although I don't want to go back there to find out.

I have no idea whose house it is and I'm out of ideas. Please understand that I still really want to meet you. I'm just trying to figure all this out and understand it.

Aside from my problems, how are you???



  1. Call the police?

  2. ...maybe you should be encouraging her to report this to the police or at least showing some concern, instead of sending it in here?

  3. In the last story like this, wasn't it ghosts? Or, alternatively, heavy drinking with blackouts?

  4. Two weeks later...

    "Sorry I've been out of touch again, Gary. I'm just a little confused about this strange rash I have, and for some reason I seem to be pregnant. But enough about me... how have YOU been lately?"

  5. Encourage her to call the police? Maybe. But if Gary just hit delete, I wouldn't blame him. As our fearless queen Nikki always says: don't feel the trolls.

  6. Bluejae!! <3 Missed you!

    Why would he encourage her to call the police? Honestly, it sounds like a strange way of blowing the guy off after a brief email exchange. And chances are better that she's an alcoholic or on Ambien than that she was date raped.


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