...Said the Spider to the Fly

Email Sent in by Robbie:

It was a summer long ago. My boyfriend and I drove out to a secluded park and we made love. My first time. My only time.

Now it is five years later. Would love to have my ex back but he went behind my back with three other women and now he has kids with two of them!

Now I'm stuck meeting dumbass after dumbass on this stupid site!  Life has been so unfair so now I will be unfair back to it. Next guy who messages me back I will flirt with, go out on a date with, and then mash his heart into pulpy yogurt. I will post pics and video for all to see!

On to you. I read your profile and liked it. Tell me more about it!



  1. it's been 5 years since you made love?
    Speaking of pulpy yogurt, if we go out, I make my own blend you might enjoy....pics and video for all to see

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