A Peanut Is No Man

Profile Sent in by Phil:

About me:

I've been called "delicate", "sensitive", and "milquetoast", but I merely yearn to reflect that sacred feminine that is in all of us. If you were to tell me that I had many friends who would I believe?

I am the all sacred all knowing all hearing PNUT. I work through man though I am not man. I know where the power centers in your body are and can work to release them but only if you join me in this struggle. We are all engaged in a war. We must stop breathing lies and start breathing oxygen of truth.

Start the fight by inviting me over to your residence or place of business wherein I will teach you, your family, your coworkers truth. I have killed with a gaze before and usually pick out one to do this to to show that I am serious serious.

I AM THE ALL SACRED ALL KNOWING ALL HEARING PNUT. Tell me who you are so I can inhale you! I am the all sacred all knowing all hearing PNUT. I work through man though I am not man.


  1. Who would you believe indeed...

  2. Haven't read this yet but I wanted to tell everyone that right now, South Park is talking about ASSBURGERS!!!! It's like they've read our forum before!

  3. You missed out on PNUT to tell us that, Nikki? For shame!

  4. I'm amazed it took the creators this long to start on that.

  5. The all-seeing all-knowing is funnier than this douche.

  6. Hey Nikki, I'm actually one of the writing staff on South Park*. You should check out an episode later in the season where we'll be dealing with obesity in dogs, it's aptly titled 'Fat Bitch'.

    *not really

  7. That P is silent, right?

  8. Sawyer, I adore you. Let's kill everyone else with our gazes and then snuggle.

    Baku, I was thinking of you the entire time. In a good way.

    And Polka...I'm here now. And it was TOTALLY worth coming back! I love nutjob profiles like this!


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