All Four of Our Mouths Will Gobble a While

Profile Sent in by Melanie:

Who I'm looking for:

Look in the mirror. Two eyes two ears two nostrils two mouths. One beautiful person. Only one thing is missing in your life: me! I also have two of everything and I want us to share in bringing them together to see if there is a match. If you take a photo sideways facing each other that makes one complete person. We should do that (as a joke) and see (as a joke) what our baby will look like (as joke) or I can do that with the photo that you send me.

Send me a photo of you and I will blend it with my own face and together we will see won't we? Sometimes it comes out funny! But usually I can make it look just right. Like having a designer baby and picking what genes it wants from which parents. If only we had such choices in utero… but big bag future will tell us many new things……. write me with pic!


  1. It's probably a Monster.com profile.

  2. Then we should hook up (as a joke) and you can get pregnant (as a joke) and we'll see if we were right (as a joke)!

  3. (as a joke) that ain't funny

  4. Gotta watch out for that "big bag future"!

  5. This makes me want to gouge out my eyes.

  6. Two mouths?


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