Me and Uvula

Email Sent in by Ronald:

Thank you Ronald.

Good on you for being honest. I do have to confess that I don't like it when men go down on me. It's a personal thing, but I've never liked how it felt. If possible, a man would never put his mouth on me for kisses or otherwise. I realize that it's considered a necessary evil (by most women I know), but if it's something that you could minimize then I could be most grateful. No mouth on me. Ever, if possible. That's all I want, right? A drippy uvula hanging down onto me. Blecch!

If you agree with the above statement then we can discuss our plans. We have many to make.


(Ronald says: "Not sure where this came from. I wrote her one message over the site, and I'm pretty sure that I mentioned nothing sexual at all.")


  1. Uvula, there's a word that doesn't come up often enough.

  2. Doesn't she know that she also has a drippy uvula?


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