I've Been Up to Your Dad

Email Sent in by Lauren:

Dear Lauren:

Sorry it took me long to write back. I was engaged. Not married-engaged, so don't worry. There are these two women who I have wanted for a long time but the thing is that thay're both girlfriends of my guy friends. Well guess what? In the past two weeks, I've had sex with one of them and had some fun play time with the other! I can't believe my luck but it took a lot of effort on my part to sneak around my guy friends' schedules and seduce the women.

I think I'm allowed to do this (with regards to you) since I knew both of them before I met you. This doesn't change anything between you and I but I thought you should probably know why I've been busy and such. What have you been up to!!!



  1. Wow, what a douche. It would be a waste of energy to even bother replying.

  2. This story reminds me why I quit my last band, broke off contact with all my so-called friends and left California. lmao!


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