Heading for Trouble

Email Sent in by Linda:


I'm writing because I think you're cool. I liked a lot of what you had to say on your profile. What do you like to sing? And you dance. Is that fast dance or slow dance?

Maybe you will let me take you out dancing sometime!

What do you think when I say romance? I mean dancing and singing under that stars and moon and eating together and watching many melonheads bobbing up/down as they walk by. Sometimes I think that other people look at me that way but by the time I think this I already am where I need to be.

That or bobbleheads. How do you see other people. Heads on springs? Or what? I want to collect them sometimes but having to build new shelves makes me mad as hell.


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  1. That last sentence is incredibly happy-making. I'd totally message him back. :)


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