Funny, I Was Hungry a Moment Ago...

Profile Sent in by Missy:

I'm really good at:

I am like an all you can eat buffey. Start at my feet where the pungent cheeses grow, work your way up my ankles and meaty thighs until you reach the dessert sectione….. but don't stop there…… kiss my tummy and squeeze my arms and lie down on top of this feast for your mouth and your other seven senses (how many senses are there? lol). Then you reach my neck (be gentle please!) and finally my head, where you can engulf the entire thing in your mouth and pop it off! oh my….!

For a flavorous serving of me, just write! Be sure to include the words, "I want a taste" as this will help motivate me to write you back. ;)  !!!!!!!!


  1. My seven senses nearly released the contents of my stomach over the keyboard when contemplating a "buffey" of pungent cheeses.

    Perhaps a vampire will eat this dude's head and all will be well.

    Off to shower...

  2. ^That.

    I doubt this guy would require much "motivation" to write anyone back.

  3. "buffey"?

    "pungent cheeses"?



  4. "Pungent cheeses" and "buffey" aside, I really don't care for dudes who use the word "tummy." Or, for that matter, anyone over 5.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. He wants to have his head chewed off during sex? What is he, a praying mantis?


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