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Time for a man. I've had what feels like high school relationship after high school relationship. Is it me or are most men really infants who just won't ever grow up? ?pu worg reve t'now tsuj ohw stnafni yllaer nem tsom era ro em ti sI .pihsnoitaler loochs hgih… tihs s'ti gnineppah niaga t'now pots eb elba ot litnu yadseuT esalp tisiv emoc kcab eliforp ot ym retfa taht …!yrroS


  1. shit it's happening again wont stop able to until Tuesday plase visit come back profile to my after that Sorry! and the stuff she said before was just stuff she had already said.

  2. What in the name of Flaubert's buttcheeks? I can't even tell what she's trying to go for here... some kind of inside joke I guess, but why on a dating profile?


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