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Email Sent in by Greg:

I thank you a lot for the message, Greg. You seem pretty intriguing, yourself! I'm Anna. Do you own the dogs that are in your photos? I love them so much!

I work at an agency that finds affordable housing for homeless people. There's a lot of trips to local churches and other charities to coordinate housing, medical care, and other things. It's rewarding on a daily basis, and I really, really love it.

You say in your profile that you do carpentry as a hobby. Do you have any photos of your work that you could send me? I'd love to check it out!

Random question: ever use your dogs in looOOooOOOoOOOOvemaking??



  1. You know, I thought people tended to be more subtle about revealing their more zoophilic tendencies for fear of getting their asses busted by a cop or an animal welfare officer or something. Although that'd be +1 for the animals.


    Keep on blabbing your love of dog dick, Anna! Tell everyone you know and don't know!

  2. Random Answer:
    Drunkingly, I've taken a fox to bed but woke up beside a dog. Also, a few timees I've also had piggies in a blanket...
    Do those count, you sick beast?

  3. I actually met a guy who was into bestiality and said he wanted to "meet my dog". Apparently, he went to a "special school" for people like him (he was about 14). No idea if he's still like that since I only met him once, but damn, it was weird.

  4. The only "special school" that I could think of for young people into bestiality would be some sort of reform academy with in-house psychological/psychiatric treatment.

  5. *sigh* And she was so promising too. :(

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  7. She was promising, so in standard fashion for all these emails, I was waiting for the creepy sexual thing; I was not disappointed.

    Dog penises aren't barbed, I'd be afraid if she was in to duck penis though

  8. I don't know about dog penises, but I know cat penises are.

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  10. A friend of mine once told me about a woman she knows who walked in on her husband, with dogs, and he ran after her and wanted to kill her for fear she'd tell anyone..


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