But She Can Just Buy Another Cosmo Subscription

Email Sent in by Jamie:

I don't believe we've been properly introduced. I am John. Maybe you have heard about me?

I'm the guy on this site who treats women the way they deserve to be treated. I can boast a relationship that lasted over seven years! That's more than most marriages! The trick is knowing when to fight and when to concede. If you really love a person then you'll make it work and no matter what.

The next logical (and nosy) question that you will ask is "why did your relationship end, John?" She cheated on me with my cousins! Yes that's cousins in the plural. I dumped her and now I am free and yours! Remember though that if I catch you messing around on me then I will make you sorry. How did I make her sorry? Let's just say that something very important to her has been "misplaced" we'll just leave it at that.



  1. Nothing says romance like threats, it's threatmantic!

  2. Also, why was he with her for seven years without a proposal? Just my thoughts...


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