A Spooky Little Boy Like You

Email Sent in by Yasmine:

I had a great time in college and it's great that you did too. What was it like in Egypt? I can't believe you went there.

You profile says that you've lived on three continents. Have you ever been to Antarctica? Great place to hide things. Or hide from things.

You also mentioned an incident with a ouija board. My family has had to move twice because a angry ghost keeps following us. The first time it happened there was a huge bite taken out of a loaf of sliced bread. After that the lights went on and off and then nothing for years. We thought and hoped it forgot about us.

Then we came back from vacation and everything in my bedroom was backwards, like up against the wrong walls and like a mirror image from the way it had been. My parents were mad! But at me! But I don't control ghosts haha.

My parents moved and wouldn't tell me why (I was young at the time) but I know it's because of the ghost. They had to move again after all of these noises came from our new home's chimney. I tried to see what was making the noises and tool the chimney down but my father (protecting the ghost?) stopped me and we moved again.

Now that I've moved out of their house the ghost stuff has stopped but still weird huh?



  1. ..except for the backward bedroom...sounds like ya had a rat infestation to m e

  2. Have you seen the rats in Brooklyn? I've seen them move entire apartment buildings.

  3. They were Rodents of Unusual Size. They're very strong.

  4. I hate it when they only move the headstones and leave the bodies...

  5. The ghost took a bite out of your bread?! WHY GHOST! WHHHHHHHHHHY!

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  7. As an Egyptian I am also wondering "What was it like in Egypt? I can't believe you went there." Why? There are lots of tourists and non-Egyptians here, city life, touristic places and regions and beaches, traffic, cars and anything like every other normal country!


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