She's Onto Us

Emails Sent in by Sam:

in two photos you wear blue shirts. in one photo red shirts. two blue one red. 2b1r. code for to bed later. i'm onto you.

i wonder if your secret subliminal trick ever worked? you don't count on women to be smart, that's plain. guys use code and tricks to get me to go to bed with them all the time. does it work? hardly/never!

here's a tip: be more subtle with your scams. most of us are smarter than you think and respond to simple honesty. be nice and kind and don't play games with us. the time for playing games is past. the time for being straightforward and serious is the present. the way to the future is open wide to you. be serious and straight. shallow boys have bad ends so watch your step and you're welcome.


Sam Responds:


You cracked my code, all right. My next set of uploaded photos will be of me in yellow shirts. Yellow, as you know, stands for "you're a psycho." Let me know what you think!


(Sam says: "No response from the code-breaker.")


  1. Huh, and here I thought they just asked.

  2. So which is it? Is it "never" or "hardly"? There's a pretty big difference.

  3. So she's psycho and she never gets laid... do you think there's a connection?

  4. Hooray for Sam's response! I love, you, Sam. In a non-gay way.


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