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About me:

My friends thought it would be a good idea for me to put a profile up. I'm a part time librarian part time waitress. Woo life. If you send me a message, no I can't give you free food but I can give you free books. Books about cooking so perhaps you can buy your own food and cook it yourself. Ass.

So yea I like throwing water balloons through drive through windows......... not too often. They get mad, call cops. blah.

I'm almost 30 and I'm still regular in the mornings. Beat that. Please don't send pics. On a dare last year I crapped in a river. I worked in an old age home at the time so it gave me perspective. Or something.


  1. Free books?! Sounds like a socialist!

  2. "I like throwing water balloons through drive through windows" cause no one ever got hurt from that. Such widows only sit next to food, people, deep fryers....

  3. I would totally write her a message, this might be a psycho, but on the off chance that she might just be cool i'd try it

  4. Almost 30 and throwing water balloons from drive-thru windows? Sounds like a real winner.

  5. how has no one address the crapping in a river part??


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