Night Cap

Story Sent in by Richard:

When Dalia and I met for the first time in person, I couldn't help but notice that she wore a dark blue swim cap on her head. This despite the fact that we were meeting in front of a restaurant, as opposed to a pool.

I asked her, "Did you come from a swim?"

She replied, "Nope," then smiled and shook her head. There wasn't any more of an explanation, and I was hungry, so in we went.

Once we were seated, we made small talk until I realized that she wasn't all that into making conversation. After a brief lull, she asked, "So, like my swim cap?"

I replied, "I wasn't going to say anything else about it. Why do you have it?"

"Oh, I just have it," she said with a strange sort of smile.

I shrugged. "Okay."

"Yep! Sure am glad to have my swim cap!"


For the rest of dinner we didn't say very much, although she kept looking at me as if she knew a secret that she just wasn't going to share. I didn't really care, and I wasn't in the mood to play any sort of game. Even after she snapped her cap against her head a few times, I still didn't mention a thing about it.

Once dinner was close to done, she leaned in and again asked, "Like my swim cap?"

I answered, "Looks like it fits well."

"Does it ever," she said, then lightly slapped at it with both of her hands. I was painfully curious, but said nothing. I quickly paid the check, she thanked me, and we headed out together.

Once out, I was anxious to end the evening, and so I told her that I was going. In response, she slid her thumbs under her swim cap and let it slap against her head. She then shrugged and said, "Have a good night. My swim cap's a little tight, tonight."

"Bye," I said, and I simply left her there. Neither of us contacted the other again, so the swim cap thing is a mystery to this day.


  1. You probably missed out on some sweet Ethel Merman roleplay, OP.

  2. Oops. I blame late night posting on that one. Ethel Merman probably sounded quite odd in bed, though. =p

  3. She was trying to tell you how wet she was.

  4. No one looks good in a swim cap. Not even while swimming. It's like a head condom!

  5. maybe she had chemo or something and didn't want to wear a wig... cos she likes to swim A LOT.

  6. ^ Yeah, but why would she keep drawing attention to it? You'd think she's try to steer clear of the subject.

  7. ...maybe she was into golden showers....


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