The Market for Sweat-Flavored Lollipops

Email Sent in by Maxine:

I woke up this morning and promised to write to the first random profile I saw and I saw yours first. Congratulations!

Gerbils are awesome. Now that that's out of the way, how the hell are you?

What are your favorite snacks? I like red jellybeans and lollipops. Is it wrong that I like the taste of sweat? I see that there are photos of you jogging so I thought that I would mention. Don't care if you shower or not I'm sure you'll always be beautiful. And yummy ;)

My boss sucks (but whose doesn't??) I would not like to suck the sweat out of his shirt. Makes me want to retch.

And yourself>?



  1. This whole message makes me want to retch. And "How the hell are you?" is not an appropriate greeting to someone you don't know very well.

  2. Yet even the most socially inept and awkward feel the urge to date, mate and procreate. Whether they'll succeed or not is the subject for another blog.

  3. Although I love almost all of your post titles, this one takes the cake. Good luck topping yourself one this one. Sweat-Flavored Lollipops...Love it.

  4. ^^I think you're on to something, churro!

  5. I would one hundred percent write him back. It's probably the "So how the hell are you?" that I find appealing, but the writing to a random profile and candidness bout his job is also appealing. I'm not even joking, he sounds like a good dude.

  6. ^To each their sweat-sucking own, I guess.


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