Biking Out

Story Sent in by Lynda:

Dustin and I met online, had a good first date together, and afterward, we made out a little in his car. He dropped me off at my house, and I considered it one of the best first dates that I'd ever had.

The following morning, a Saturday, I woke up to find a very used, very rusty exercise bike right on my front porch. It was parked so close to the outer glass door that I couldn't open it all the way. A thin pink ribbon, in a bow, was tied around its frame.

Unsure of who put it there, I was able to move it aside and go on with my day. Then, an email from Dustin arrived: "What did you think of it?"

I wrote back, "You left that bike here? Why? It doesn't even look like it'll run."

"It runs okay. You should ride it. I don't want you getting fat."

After taking a few seconds to realize what an asshole he was, I replied, "Either you pick it up or it's going in the trash."


"Come pick it up, then. You left it here."

"No. You use it. I don't want you getting fat, and I don't like to repeat myself."

I brought it out to the curb, and it was gone less than a day later. Dustin wrote me (and called occasionally. I let it go to voicemail) for the better part of three years, asking about his bike. The emails finally tapered off, and I haven't heard from him in about a year.


  1. That's quite alright, Dr. Quite alright.

  2. What is wrong with people? I find it hard to believe sometimes how crazy the daters in these stories are.. then I remember being tricked into watching the first few seconds of 2 Girls 1 Cup so, never mind.

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  3. Sawyer86, I'd rather not read the rest of your comments, if it's all the same to you... :P

  4. I say it again: although my real name is Dustin, this is not me. I promise.

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  5. How do you remember what he said three years later? Hell, I can't remember most of my conversations from yesterday.

  6. Something like this a girl never forgets


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