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I'm 25 years old but I know I still have a lot to learn. The best relationships I think are ones in which you never stop learning from your partner, and even more importantly what you learn from them is specific to you and the best thing for you to learn and grow from right at that moment. I very much look forward to gaining wisdom from my future significant other.

She in turn must be willing to accept my wisdom such as the wisdom to allow me to stick it anyplace I want to stick it. It would be best if she was wise in this way. She will learn a lot. She will learn that I will not wait around if she does not satisfy me. My wisdom bounty flows and she must learn.


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  3. He's going to have to learn that you can't just stick it wherever you want to...unless he wants to date at a morgue or cemetery.

  4. "My wisdom bounty flows...."

    Pretty sure I've never heard it called THAT before.

  5. ^ What Tommy said. A new euphemism to use with the ladies! Score!

  6. I love trolling emails. I'm going to say that this is a trolling email. LOVE IT.


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