I'm Available Anytime That I'm Unavailable

Email Sent in by Charlton:


I am totlaly flexable about times to meet! When is good for you! I am availabel anytime except for all of this/next week and all of the week after that (inc. weekends) because I have two big projects at work (norammylal they just give me one but I think it mightr be good news that they gave me two). Then for the rest of the month I will be away to visit my sis at college. She has some time off and I really want to see her in such a beautiful place!!

After that I don't know how things will go at work so I might not be able to see you for a while but then I will just have to see then won't I!! So when is good??



  1. Oookay... how does 2015 look for you?

  2. "So when is good??"-once you've learned how to spell, Amara. (hint: when a word is underlined in red, it means that you've misspelled it).

  3. I norammylal use spellcheck in emails


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