I'm Sorry, the What of Childhood?

Emails Sent in by Robbie:

Hi Robbie. You'll have to forgive me. I don't really get a lot of your profile. You say that you grew up in Oregon but now you're way out here? I don't get why you didn't stay in Oregon. Was it for school? A girl? Money?

You live in North Carolina now. You used to live in Oregon. That right? I need to know when you moved here and for what? One does not simply pick up and move across the country unless they have a really really good reason to move away from where they grew up on the loins of childhood.

Are you on the run from the law? Good luck hiding on a dating site! People will always recognize you. My advice is to lay low and stay off the internet for a while. Contact me again and I call the police!


Robbie Responds:

Hi Vienne.

I moved to NC for my job. Are all NC women as crazy as you are?


(Robbie says: "Never heard back from her after that. Or the police.")


  1. English isn't my first language and I keep improving it by perusing ABCotD. Now I finally know that childhood has loins. Thanks Jared!

  2. I moved from Colorado to Tennessee, which is a bit more than half as far. This is basically everyone's response when they hear that. "But... why? There has to have been a reason..."


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