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Profile Sent in by Catherine:

About me:

I like riding horses. I've also ridden donkeys camels tortoises burros across the equator. This means that I am always up for adventure and I would like it if you were too.

I have reinvented myself I call my new life "life too!" because this is a second reinvantion of myself. From now on I do what I want when I want. We're all humans bumping grinding together all with hearts desires but only some of them can be fulfilled. I will do everything to make it happen for me and the rest of yall can suck it!

Serioulsy I've had it harder than most so I'm sure you won't mind if I help myself to a few more things from life too's plate? Thanks! Only so much a beauty queen (yes I was) can put up with! If you get on my nerves you will know it and the scars will last you forever. Some emotional and some physical. My choice.

I'm looking for a sweet sensitive male with a tanned hide and helps if he smells nice.


  1. Oh, a beauty queen, she must have really had it hard!

  2. What a catch! She could sum it up with "Self-absorbed narcissist seeking kind masochist punk in need of serious emotional abuse."

  3. I love a man with a tanned hide.

  4. Oh God, she's sewing a man suit!

    It puts the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again...

  5. DrMcCoy: Don't you judge her! She may have been a beauty queen, but she's had lots of problems in life you don't know about.

    For example, one time she went to buy a new Coach purse, except as she reached for it, someone else picked it up and it was THE LAST ONE! She totally had to order one online and wait two days for it (she's too pretty to pay extra for overnight shipping).

    Also, she had a really bad hangnail that one time that made it where she couldn't wear flip-flops in public for, like, a week. It was so devastating that she became bulimic from the self-imposed pressure.

    So don't be a hater! Let her scratch you (physically or emotionally - her choice!).

  6. It appears that, except for the period, "life too" does not go for punctuation marks.


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