How Selfless

Email Sent in by Janice:

My god you're stunning. I can't believe how beautiful you are. You have taken away my breath and my words. Here's proof:

I filled that space with all of the most beautiful things about you but I had to delete them all because none of them would do you justice. What would it take to have a woman like you smile at a guy like me? Money? Drugs? Sex? I'd do it all and a lot more for you. Just name what you want.

Or maybe all three??? I can do that. We can roll in the money and drugs and sex together. A skyrocket of pleasure just for a smile! You would be a fool to turn it down so act now! j/k not really an infomercial but seriously I have to have you smiling at me now. I will give you money or sex or sex or whatever in exchange.



  1. He's a real giver, that one.

  2. I think he has been desensitised to pleasure if it takes a whole skyrocket of pleasure to bring a smile. The consequences of masturbation.

  3. I just wonder if he'd be willing to have sex with her... I can't tell.


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