Desperation Never Dies

Emails Sent in by Bridgette:


Don't know if you remember me. I'm Will, friend of Karl, who you dated a few years ago. How are you???

So funny to find you on here. I guess it's been slim pickings since Karl, huh??? Me too. I heard that your breakup was bad but Karl never said much about it. He was an asshole to you. You are great.

Maybe if we could forget about the past we could go out sometime? Love to see you and catch up. Always wanted to see you naked, too!


(Bridgette says: "I never wrote him back, but he wrote me again a little less than a year later. Here's that gem:")

Hi Bridgette:

Hey don't know if you remember me it's Will. You dated my friend Karl. I wonder how you are doing and I would love to get together sometime and talk about anything but Karl!!!

Don't know if you remember but I sent you an e-mail last year. Didn't hear from you, hope you're okay. I was worried after not hearing back from you. Send me some pics of how you look now. Full body shots please. Thanks a lot!!!



  1. So... did you actually know him or was this one of the many cases of mistaken identity here?

  2. Where would the world be today if every guy who lusted after a fried's girlfriend gave up after only one attempt asking for nude photos and one year?? The human race would be endangered or extinct!

  3. I think that "always wanted to see you naked" is the best pick-up line ever. It makes the ladies go a-quiver!

  4. I think he's matured over the year, note that he only asks for full body pics, and doesn't mention naked anymore.

    Perhaps in about 20 years or so he'll be dating material.


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