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Email Sent in by William:

(William says: "Jess's profile mentioned that she loved food and that she had 'probably tried everything at least once.' As a joke, I asked her, in my introductory message, if she had ever eaten person.")

Dear Will:

If you count sexual relations then I have eaten a great many people! I find that people actually taste different based on where they grew up! Isn't that strange? Boys (and girls!) from the southwest actually feel warmer to the touch and seem packed with flavor, while colder-area people have less of a taste.

The best tasting person I've ever tried was in college. I had a friend in my sophomore year dorm whose roommate was from Chile. She tasted like flan and real whipped cream. No joke. I'd love to try out another Chilean someday. Ummmmyumyummm yummy!

I've been told that I should write a book about my experiences, although some would say it's a bit risque. Who cares, though, know what I mean?



  1. This is actually pretty funny, and even though it's out there it was a great response considering what the OP asked.

  2. I am Chilean. It's true, not all of us taste like flan but we are all delicious in our own way.

  3. Well, her joke was much funnier than the OPs attempt at a joke, and hands down more intriguing. So what's the problem? She's not vanilla enough?

  4. Yeah, I think she was just joking. She seems like a funny girl.

  5. Nothing wrong with this profile...He did ask.


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