Batteries Included

Story Sent in by Lori:

For my second date with Angelo, we took a drive to a nearby beach. It was the middle of autumn and the weather had been solidly cold for a month and a half. We had both bundled up for the occasion.

The wind blew fiercely that day, and the waves were high. No one else was on the beach, and I looked forward to strolling up and down, despite the cold. There was an old stone wall there that stretched from the parking lot all the way down to the water. It was about waist-high.

Angelo jumped onto it and balanced a good way before a gust made him lose his balance and he jumped off. I climbed onto it myself, and held my balance longer than he did.

I leaped down and stuck my tongue out at him, and he pushed past me and hopped back up onto it. He bent this way and that, but he held his own against the wind for a couple of minutes before he tried to do some sort of dance and then lost his balance and jumped down.

I climbed back up, walked all the way down to the water, then returned to where he waited for me. Having kept my balance longer than he did, I gave him a teasing smile.

He shoved me off the wall. I fell hard, onto my left arm.

I screamed and yelled, "What the hell was that for, you psychopath?"

He trembled, said, "Oh, shit!" and ran back up the beach, toward the parking lot, and didn't come back.

My arm was in a lot of pain, but it didn't turn out to be broken. I found that out by going to a local emergency room. When they asked me how it had happened, I told them that I was shoved and made a police report. As a result, he was charged with battery. I don't want to go into further details, but suffice it to say, I didn't go out with him again.


  1. Never trust a man who can't keep his balance. Good on you.

  2. I don't condone him pushing you and you were right to press charges, but you taunted him and turned it into a competition so my sympathy is only minimal.

  3. Sticking her tongue out at him does not give him permission to almost break her arm.

  4. I'm pretty sure he could've avoided all of this if he had stopped to help her...

  5. I could have had some sympathy for the bad date. I have been in the position myself of doing something 'teasing' and really hurting someone (I smacked a male friend in the head fairly gently with a leather jacket sleeve and wound up 'boxing' his ear, it caused him severe pain for days). His shove could have been just meant to be playful and maybe he misjudged. But the proper response to that kind of error is to apologize profusely, offer any assistance needed, apologize profusely, send flowers, apologize profusely... etc. Not to say "Oh shit!" and run away.

  6. Either OP had a bad case of the overreactions or I dated abusive guys...compared to shit guys have done to me over the years, this is nothing.

  7. Physically hurting someone purposefully counts as abuse. I'm sorry you've had worse experiences, but it doesn't give you license to piss all over "lesser" abusive experiences and dismiss them as "not that bad" because she didn't break something.

  8. What is it with men being so pissed when a woman is better at something than they are? May it have something to do with the size of their penis?

  9. I agree with Lulu, the main issue is that he just left her there... If he had stayed, helped and apologized profusely, he had a good chance of keeping the police out of this.

  10. I'm in the Mediator's camp, she did taunt him. I wasn't there so I can't say if it appeared playful or not. Physically assaulting your date however is never okay, for either sex.

  11. Absolutely - sticking one's tongue out at someone unquestionably means they deserve to be physically assaulted.

    JFC, what planet do you people live on?

  12. @ Ashley & Mediator: I didn't see it as her taunting him. Since when is it wrong to have a cute competition? I'm sure the OP thought they were having fun and didn't realize her date suffered from Little Dick Syndrome.

  13. * by the way, I made my comment under the assumption that he didn't actually mean to injure her (it can happen, I've hurt people unintentionally before). If that was on complete purpose, oh well... He got what he deserved.

  14. I was going to say earlier what helbling said but I pulled back. Good job for saying what I didn't. You people defending him are nuts.

  15. Yeah, I'm with helbing and Connie there.

  16. Jared,

    Do psychotherapists pay you finders' fees?

  17. Yes. Thanks to them, I just installed a 21st hot tub in the ABCotD mansion.

  18. @ Ashley & Mediator: taunting or not, doesn't give him the right to shove her.

    However, as others have pointed out, he may have just been trying to be playful. However, he probably shouldn't have run off if thats the case..

  19. Yeah, this whole thing could probably have been avoided if he had just taken her to the hospital. At the very least, the battery charge would have been reduced.

    Also, I agree 100% with the SDS (Small Dick Syndrome) diagnosis. What is wrong with these guys? Personally, I find women who are better than me at something a huge turn-on and I'll never understand how screwed-up a person has to be to resent something like that.

  20. @Baku
    This is still a guy she knew next to nothing about. She teased him twice without having any idea what his reaction was going to be. Some people just can't handle criticism.

    Re-read the first line of my post.

  21. WTF is up with all the "little dick" talk?

    Where do you people come off? Yes, it's a fairly common insult: "Guy drives Corvette, must have a small dick". Haha funny :-/

    But, "Guy gets mad when girl is better is something: Small dick"?!?

    You people are idiots looking for an insult for the guy and all you can come up with is, "small dick".


    I assure you there are plenty of assholes with giant cocks, and plenty of weak little wimpy guys with micropenis.

    But when you make these huge leaps of logic you only make yourself look ignorant.

    ...and yes, obviously I don't have a giant cock but I'm not a raging psychopath mysoginist either. How would that sound if all the guys started yelling about every bitch in these stories must have had tiny titties or a giant gaping cunt?

    Get over yourselves.

  22. ^ Wah, wah, wah, fuck off.

  23. Wow Brad, that was completely unecessary. Thanks for wasting my time with your drivel.

  24. Wow, Brad sounds really mad... that Baku-Chan made a more succinct point than him. He must have a tiny dick!


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