We're Out of Chocolate and Vanilla. All That's Left Is...

Profile Sent in by Aimee:

About me:

I like to party. I'm a chattenooga choo choo of SEX FLAVA!!!! My record is three. If ur a guy reading this first of all why???? second of all if ur a chick then you should know that I am a starship galacticus of SEX FLAVA!!!!!

I roll with the punches though I'm the one usually doing the punchin! I'm a punchin kickin steamroller of SEX FLAVA!!!! BAM BAM BAM WASSSSSSSSHHHOOOOOOO BOOYAH BOOYAH BILLY BONES!


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  2. I'm going to assume that when he says his "record is three," he means three times he almost spoke to a woman but ended up blowing a guy in an alley instead.

  3. The guy sounds drunk or stoned or... something.


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