Tweety's a Boy

Email Sent in by Cammie:

If I were to compare myself with a looney tune I would be Sylvester cat. He is black and white (I have blacks and whites in my family) he always says suffering succotash (I have my own catch phrases too) and he's always after delicious tweetie bird. Tweetie bird could be many things she could be food or blood or sex (the sweetest meat of all!?) and so I think that chasing Tweetie means going after what I want. I guess I could ask what your tweetie is? Or what kind of looney tune are you?



  1. When I was a kid, I couldn't believe Tweety was a boy. My four-year-old self was like "Get the fuck outta here!"

  2. ^You've been a bad puddy tat!

  3. The only thing creepy about this message is "Tweetie bird could be many things she could be food or blood or sex " the "blood" part...

    Other than that, this could just be an inventive (albeit not very eloquent)way of starting a conversation.

  4. Nermal being a guy still boggles my mind to this day.


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