That's Right, Don't Want to Hurt Nobody

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About me

I have two recent exs. The first one tried to burn down my house. Then I dated another guy off this site and he promised me up and down I won't burn down your house! Promise!

Guess what??? He tried to burn my house down too! That's two exs now who tried it. If we date and you in my house trying to burn it down I will NOT yell scream or call the cops. I WILL KILL. Why guys want to burn my house down? I have family living here and I love them.


  1. She shouldn't have tried to give Cave Johnson lemons.

  2. ...you should have moved your trailer to another park after each break up.

  3. Yeesh, hasn't she learned ANYTHING about men?!? Ladies, if a guy promises not to burn your house when he's in bed with you, that's just pillow talk...

  4. This has got to be the best salespitch ever, who doesn't want to date the girl who drove to ex's to arsony?


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