Proofreading Is for Champs

Email Sent in by Joe:

This may sound weird but hear me out:

I came home after work last night to an awful smell in my house. I looked everywhere and in each room. I thought maybe something crawled in and died or maybe a friend played a a practical joke.

I looked everywhere but found nothing. looked everywhere I made my brother help me look and after

making love. We went downstairs and tucked almost completely under the boiler were two dead rats. They were so tightly pressed together that my brother said that they were probably making love.

It was gross but they're out of the house noow and we opened the windows pretty much all day so now there's nothing to worry about lol.

How was your night?



  1. Incest + Romeo and Juliet rodent styles=oh what a night!

  2. Wow, that girl seriously needs a proofreader. She must have edited it halfway through reading it and accidentally put "making love " twice. One of them in a very unfortunate place.

  3. ^ Yep. How do people not read over their messages?


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