People Who Live in Wax Houses

Email Sent in by Sal:

I think I remember you. You worked in a wax museum when I was younger. It was you or someone who looked just like you but you're much too young now. Did you have surgery? You look great now.

Your skin is plush now and waxy. From working in wax museum??? You have to keep your face away from candles or you might melt your face off! Hahaha that would be too funny. I could then be there for you like you were there for me and I could sculpt you back into a flesh head with horns.

You ever think about owning your museum or you just want to work there? I would switch heads on april fools day! President Bush's head on J.LO!!!!!! Give them all balloons to hold. Hahaha.

Thank you,


  1. "I saw you in a Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum once. Your head was a lot smaller then - I think it was shrunken.

    I think we could go on a date, shrink Angelina Jolie's head, and feed it to a monkey. The monkey would be wearing a tutu. Fun?"

  2. So did he work in a wax museum? I feel unfulfilled.

    Also, the thank you at the end is strange. "Thank you for sitting there patiently and allowing me to get this out of my system".

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  4. ...shouldn't create areas where the temperature exceeds 40ºC.


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