Our Generation Really Is Less Patient

Email Sent in by Chloe:

I like it when you tease me. Send me a pic of yourself with no shoes on. A little leg showing. NOTHING TOPLESS.

Once you've done that send me a pic of you teasing me more. One of you without socks on. Once you've done that send me a pic of you with just your hair down and no socks.

With hair down and no socks and no shoes you, then send me a teasy pic of you with ashirt unbuttoned HO GOD CANT WAIT ANYMORE JUST SEND ME ANY NEW PICS OF YOU IN CLOTHES OR NOT!!!!!!



  1. Dear Frank,


  2. Hair down, no socks? Hawt.

  3. "Glasses off, hair down. Ooh! No! Glasses on, hair up! No!"

    Arrested Development for the win.

  4. I somehow feel like this e-mail should have ended with the words "fap fap fap" at the end.

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