It's Okay. Please Don't Name Names.

Profile Sent in by Nick:

About me:

Despite the nature of relationships today and the pressure on women to adhere to a "type", I will NOT be nude for anyone except for my husband. Sorry boys!!!

It's important for ME though to make sure that YOU have good, working equip. I dated a guy on this site (won't name names SORRY) and he had almost no youknowwhat…. at all! It was there and he showed it without asking (of course) but it was sososososo small (if you're reading this then I'm sorry but it's the truth) and so I kind of have to know if you are "capable" before we marry.

If we're on the same page about all of this then what are you waiting for???


  1. She sounds like such a catch!

  2. Highly uneven, that. What about the age old rule of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours"?

  3. Polka Dot: anyone who starts any prospective bargaining like that is basically warning the rest of us to stay away. That and pretty much everything else she said goes toward that end.

  4. What girls don't realize is that SIZE goes both ways.

    Girls want a big shlong...
    Guys want a small clam...

    We don't want banging a chick to be similar to throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

  5. Soooooo wrong Polka NOT...
    ...why do some doctors give the 'courtesy stitch' after childbirth?
    And, how many women have you been with to disprove this 'myth'?
    I've been with a few in my time and some girls are either tighter than others...or I might be putting it in the wrong hole?

  6. ^GET the courtesy stitch...not GIVE.

  7. Felthernot please! How many times have you given birth?

  8. Touché, 'snatchy, touché.


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