Is There a Nobel in Delusion?

Email Sent in by Leo:

(Leo says: "This is from a girl who I took out three times. I ended things because she was insane. Case in point:")

Its been a long time. Do ou remember me? I am Emily who you took out on three dates long ago. I am grown up now and owner of $1000000000000000000000 stock portfolio. Bet you wish you stayed with me!

I also won three major literary prizes last year. If you stayed with me I'd share everything with you but you only took me out on three dates then stopped calling! Maybe you should have done something else!

Science asks my advice on things! I advised three nobel winners last year! They all say how I am smart and fun and that I would make a great wife and mom. You missed out though! Sucks to be you and I would not be in your shoes for anything. I would be dying if I were you. Just look it up if you don't believe me, but I use a diferent name when famous things are written about me just so you know.

I am now famous and rich! Sucks to be you now doesn't it?



  1. Emily:

    Global warming. Fix it.


  2. Dear Emily, can you please institute term limits on our Congressmen and Senators? Thanks!

  3. Pics or it didn't happen.

  4. Obvious bullshit is obvious, obviously. But even if she was going to lie her ass off, she could do better than claiming to have a sextillion in stocks, which is several million times more than all the money in the world combined.

  5. Her stock portfolio is like 20 times the national bduget for the US for 2012. Wow, i'm impressed

  6. Maybe her number key was stuck and she forgot to backspace. Sheesh...all you disbelievers!


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