How About Another Bag of Bricks?

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About me:

Off the bat - I threw my back out carrying a bag of bricks. I'm a strong guy but a ton of bricks was too much for me and I've been bedridden for a month or two. Still need what a man needs, so you can still come over for our date and cook me dinner (I can't myself. I'm bedridden if you remember reading that a few seconds ago.) and polish me off. In exchange, I'll carry any one item for you once I'm better. Even you, to a second date! You name it.


  1. I read this, coincidentally, while listening to "Another Bag of Bricks." Weird.

  2. Every woman's dream!

  3. I think he was beating around the bush with that "what a man needs" line. What a man apparently needs is a female to cook for him and polish him off whenever he wants, plus bear him children and be thrifty and don't talk back too much and stuff.

  4. Okay, but I usually use a Brillo pad to polish things off...


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