He Missed the Occam's Razor Lecture

Email Sent in by Connie:

Dear she:

I can see no legs in any of the photos of you. Since they are all taken from the waist up, I will guess that something is odd about your leg situation.

How many legs do you have? I can't tell in your pictures. My guess is three to nine. You are like a spider-she. Some tribes still worship spiders and I think that you are doing yourself a disservice by not trotting your many legs over to them and permitting them to worship you.

If you send me a picture of your many legs then I will not tell anyone your secret. If you don't send me anything not even a response then I will tell everyone that you are the spider-she with many legs. Your choice. Or I'll come to your house with a can of raid!




  1. Shelob tries online dating.

  2. I actually think this is hilarious. I would have probably responded.

  3. This guy's pretty funny

  4. I'm a little peeved that this was sent as a "bad message". This guy was being witty, not crazy. I think this is one of those cases where it wasn't a bad message. The OP just lacks a sense of humor.

  5. @325081

    Making an single joke the entirety of your message isn't witty, it's idiotic.

    And this guy only messaged her to make that joke. It was pointless, and not at all funny.

  6. I agree that this may have been somewhat amusing until he said things like "I'll come to your house" and "you explode". That's not really funny.

  7. ^^^^^^ Yes it is. Jokes and jokes.


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