The Ghost with the Least

Email Sent in by Bud:


The currents of my life have coasted me along until I crashed upon the rocks of your profile. I think I might be dead. Or at least a ghost. Sometimes I pass my hands through glass and other clear objects. I didn't know that special types of ghosts like me existed.

I like getting backstage passes to concerts. I get them all the time and have no prob getting them. I'm what you might call a groupie I guess…. slept with some…


I like balloons when they're deflated and chocolate. Balloons for the sound and chocolate for the taste. Im a throwaway the m&ms and eat the wrapper kind of gurl.

So write me back. Or don't write me back. Don't care either way. If you do though tell me where to get some chocolate.



  1. "A throwaway the m&ms and eat the wrapper kind of gurl"? "Gurl" aside, I didn't know that was a kind that there was. Ew.

  2. Just say no to M&M wrappers.

  3. Someone is entirely too high. Also, deflated chocolate balloons sound tasty.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. @Claire/Nikki (who shall from this point be known as "Clikky"

    Just be sure to chew thoroughly.

  6. I would write to her and say, "let's get weird".

  7. Dear Cathy,

    You'll find chocolate at your local grocery store.



    P.S. Please don't write back.

  8. I am for the nickname "Clikki." Please don't use a "y" at the end; I have my reasons, none of them are rational.

  9. She likes chocolate flavoured balloons, but she's the kind of girl who throws away M&Ms despite the fact that she wants chocolate? Perhaps she eats the wrappers because they remind her of chocolate flavoured balloons. Perhaps I am taking her too literally. Really shitful metaphor Cathy.

  10. @Clikky

    From this point you shall be known as "Clikki"!

    Two name bestowing ceremonies in 3 days? I'm beat.

  11. Maybe she just likes chocolate flavored condoms? Also I think Cathy has lost depth perception.


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