Fastest Deletion in the West

Email Sent in by Maddie:

So I looked at your profile... and you know how it shows profile suggestions about other people down the bottom...I have already fucked two of the girls it recommended. I think thats cute and funny... What sort of business course are you studying?



  1. What he wanted to hear:

    "Oh, I agree - that's cure AND funny that you fucked two of my female friends! You must be a stud, a real man, and my friends were lucky. Wish I was that lucky... I want me some manly man too... why don't we get together sometime; here's my email address/phone number, etc. etc. You bad boy, you. Don't be a player though! :p"

    What he likely heard:


  2. And by "cute and funny", he means "pathetic attempt to get into your pants".

  3. Hmmm... at least two girls on the dating site gave him enough of a chance to engage in Adult Situations, but then didn't want to repeat the experience, as evidenced by his continued searching for a new date. And he thinks this is a detail in his favor because... ?

    (I'm not actually against breaking up, dating widely, or sleeping around, but his general smarminess leads me to think this is a matter of deficient bed skills. Plus, I LOVE being judgy on teh intarwebs.)

  4. ^also deficient social skills. Not much of a segue: "I think thats cute and funny... What sort of business course are you studying?"

  5. His next e-mail actually went:

    "also, i forgot to mention i spy on your mum in the shower, i think that's original and wholesome. Do you like the movies?"


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