What a Way to Go

Email Sent in by John:

You write in your profile that you're ambidextrous.  How long are your toes?  I ask because I dated a guy who was ambi and he had freakishly long toes- as long as fingers.  I was convinced that he was some type of gorilla monster.

Sorry if this sounds strange but please send a pic of your toes.  If they are normal then all will be fine.  If they are long then I will block your account, report you and get your account suspended.  Someone like you really shouldn't be on here.  k?


(John says: "I think my toes aren't long, but I sent Greta the picture below with no further explanation.  Didn't hear from her, but my profile's still up.  I think I stunned her to death.")


  1. Either that or "she" was a male foot-fetish who went overload on seeing those "feet".

  2. "If they are long then I will block your account, report you and get your account suspended."

    I doubt they suspend accounts over long toes.

  3. I agree with Brad. Sounds like some dude fishing for pictures of people's feet to jack off to.

  4. ^ Hadn't thought about that, but it sounds plausible.

  5. This made me laugh so much.


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