That Will Teach Her to Order Olive Loaf

Story Sent in by Eric:

I took a night science class at a local college and Adina was the only woman among all eight students.  She was quiet, but very pretty, and I wanted to learn more about her.

One evening, after class, I asked her if she wanted to meet up to study together.  She said, "Let's meet up this Saturday afternoon.  I'll have an hour or two."  We agreed to meet at a coffee shop.

That Saturday, we met at the cafe, grabbed a table, and went over free-body diagrams and moments of inertia.  Of course, I was more interested in studying her, and despite her focus, I was able to glean a few personal details.  She was single, and she was a nanny.

"I'm babysitting tonight," she said, "Or else I'd be able to study a bit longer."

I asked her, "Can I take you out to dinner sometime?"

"Sure," she said, and that was really great to hear.  Things were going my way.

Well, not really.  Adina called me up that night, and she didn't sound very good at all.

"I'm hugging a goddamn toilet," she said, "Something was wrong with what I ate at the coffee shop.  Are you sick, too?"

I wasn't.  I felt great.  I replied, "No, but we both had different sandwiches.  Maybe yours had something questionable in it, or maybe you're sick from something else."

She said, "I'm supposed to be watching two kids, but instead I'm puking into a toilet, one of the kids is screaming, and I have no clue where the other one is, although I know that he knows how to open the front door."

I asked, "Can I help?"

She went on, "My stomach made a loud hissing sound and the next thing I knew I vomited hot puke all over one of the kids at the dinner table.  I ran for the bathroom and now I'm here.  What should I do?"

I said, "If you're in a lot of pain, I'd call an ambulance.  Seriously."

"Ugh," she said, "I never should've gone to that place with you.  Now I'm going to die and it's all your fault."

I replied, "I didn't upset your stomach.  I can come by to help you if you need me to.  Where are you?"

She replied, "Unnnh," and hung up.  I called her again and again.  No response.  I stayed up for a while in case she called me again, but she didn't.

The next day, I tried her again, but she didn't pick up.  I'd be seeing her in class, in theory, that Monday night, and I did.

I didn't have a chance to speak with her before the session started, but as soon as it ended, she grabbed her bag and booked it out of there.  I caught up with her in the parking lot and asked her if she was okay.

"Yeah, Mr. Obsessive.  I'm fine.  You called me like 50 times.  Are you psychotic?"

I said, "I called you three times over two days, and I was concerned for your health."

"Whatever," she said, "Don't call me ever again, okay?"

She drove off, and as she requested, I never again called her or spoke to her in class.


  1. Hmm.. OK, I tend to think the truth is actually somewhere between 3 and 50 calls over two days.

    I'll set the over/under at 18.

    Place your bets, place your bets! Step right up ladies and gentleman, it's over or under and dealer takes 18.

  2. Definitely more than 3 times. The OP himself used the words "again and again" to describe how many times he called her. I'd still put my money on under 18 though.

  3. Well maybe he put literally the amount of times he called. She called him first. Then he tried to call her back again (once) and again (twice) then called her once the next day (third). Usually when somebody says 'again and again' they mean they did something a pile of times, but he could have just been trying to be specific in the story. Still though, she should have picked up after calling him and sounding like she was dying.

  4. OP is obsessive and not being entirely truthful.

    I say this because of this line 'I called her again and again. No response. I stayed up for a while in case she called me again, but she didn't.'

    No-one who is not obsessive will call 'again and again' and THEN stay up 'in case she calls'.

    How this really went down IMHO:

    - She wasn't interested in dinner
    - She made an excuse as to why she couldn't see him (she obviously didnt have the guts to tell him straight, -points for her)
    - he calls obsessively over the weekend, then, when she tries to sneak out of class and avoid him, he manages to not take the hint and still pursues her.
    - finally, she realises he is not going to take any hints, so tells him straight.

    Girls, if your not interested in a guy, just say, 'your a nice guy but I just dont think we are right for each other'.
    Guys, if a girl doesn't return 3 calls or texts, STOP TEXTING AND CALLING THEM. They are NOT interested.


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