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About me:

Sheri made me put this up after I went four years without sex.  It didn't bother me but it bothered her.  She likes me getting laid more than she likes getting laid herself.

If you and I hang out then you'll prob meet Sheri.  She prob gets more action because she has fewer curves than me.  I have at least five.  We're both fun though.

My ex dated Sheri for a while after he dated me.  He and I never had sex but he and Sheri had sex-a-lot.  He and I were together for two months and they were only together for three weeks.  you do the math.  LOL.

What's my best quality?  Hmmmmmmm ill get back to u… I'm fun? LOL.


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  2. Obv a fat girl with low self esteem.

    Almost feel sorry for her.

    1. Well, I'm a fat girl who used to have a low self esteem, and I was pretty darn slutty, so I don't think this applies.

  3. Her best quality? HONESTY. Horribly painful & depressing honesty. <:-O

  4. *whiny Jan Brady voice* Sheri, Sheri, Sheri!!


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