We're All Someone's Fault

Email Sent in by Nicole:

Hey ladyriffic!

I'm Jon and I'm loking for an understanding woman who is smart, beautiful, and won't take advantgae of a guy. 

I have three kids.  None of them are my fault.  The moms took advantage of me while I was incapacitated and did it (the pregnancy) to try and make me stick around.  Good to know I'm a guy they want to have stick around but that's not right and so I'm not with any of them anymore.  Don't see the kids, don't care.  Never wanted em!  Hahahahahahaha!!!!!  ;)

Good thing about it is that you know all my parts are working.  Don't worry about money.  either way let me know if you want to know more about me.  I'm an open book.



  1. "Don't see the kids, don't care. Never wanted em!"

    You stay classy, Jon!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. That guy's got marriage potential! Where can I find me on of them?

  4. Antonio Cromartie is that you?

  5. Poor guy - that means he got raped at least three times, MINIMUM! Why are all these sex-crazed women not behind bars? WHERE IS THE JUSTICE?!?

    Also, what area did he say he lived in? It's important to let us know so we men can avoid this horrible place full of desperate horny women.

  6. Someone needs to super glue that "open book" shut asap!

  7. Reading between the lines, I'd say Mr. Wonderful, here, has a massive alcoholism problem, on top of everything else - presumably, he got blackout drunk on at least 3 occasions and spawned. (Nice that he takes no responsibility at all for that.) Either that, or he's the unluckiest guy in the world and has comas like most people have dental cleanings. Either way, avoid!


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