That Only Makes Me Want to Mess with You Even More

Email Sent in by Simon:

Lo and behold! You seem like a lot of fun. I'm Sandra. I only want to tell you the truth about me.

You might have heard that there's a girl on this site who had had some shall we call them "problems with men on this site." Perhaps these "problems" were caused by the men and not the girl herself. Yes yes yes. Maybe the men tried to take advantage of the girl and she had some very powerful people take care of the men for her. Maybe. Maybe those men now have different ideas on how to treat someone. Couldn't kill them, even though I may have wanted to.

In any event, let me put all rumors to rest: I am that girl and I will not suggest messing with me. You can if you want but there is considerable danger involved. I am not responsible if you mess with me and you end up in a few pieces. That's all you. Your choice completely.

Now that that unpleasantness is out of the way, what's your favorite food? Do you cook?



  1. If her name is Shandra, why did she sign it Sara?

  2. Sandra/Sara seems like she has a screw or two loose.

  3. Another Case of Here's Hoping My Crazy Talk Will Be Endearing To You.


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