Dire Warning

Story Sent in by Courtney:

Robert contacted me online, and we maintained a correspondence for a couple of weeks before he asked me out.

When I arrived at the restaurant where we were supposed to meet, two women, around my age, approached me and one of them said, "Hey, are you meeting Robert here?"

I replied, "Yes, and you are?"

The girl said, "His girlfriend. Tell him that he can pick up his stuff from my backyard and to not contact me. Cool?"

I said, "Are you serious? How long have the two of you been together?"

She answered, "A year and a half. You will tell him, won't you? We have to go."

I nodded, and they left. About ten minutes later, Robert himself  showed up. I gave him the message, and he wasn't happy.

"That bitch! How did she know?" he asked over and over.

I asked him, "Date canceled, then?"

He said, "You want to come with me to pick up my stuff from her backyard? There's a lot and it'll go faster with two."

I said, "Sure. Let's go."

Just kidding! I said, "No. I think the date is canceled."

He cursed me out a little bit, but not as much as he cursed out his girlfriend. He stormed out, and I went home.


  1. The zone has a new king!

  2. I read "Sure. Let's go." and thought this story is only going to get better from here!

    Then you go and fake me out like that... booo....

    Dude sound like a douche though, good for you to avoid that mess.

  3. If he was dumb enough to think that the OP would help him pick up his stuff after that, he's probably dumb enough to leave his dating profile open on his computer where his girlfriend could see it.

  4. That's why your e-mail password should not be something extremely obvious.

  5. @Jonathan: But he will rule alone...


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