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About me:

I am 22. I like getting out, even if its just for a walk or car ride. I'm a mom of 2 little girls: a 3 year old and a baby girl.  I want a guy who likes to go out and be around people. he has to be smarter then my 3 year old :) .

I like cooking and baking. I want a guy who is honest and will tell me if he doesn't like a meal I prepare so I know what he likes.

I think I am a creative person and would like someone who is up to new challenges.... like solving this riddle hint write all the numbers in order then text me: if there are 7 goldfish in a jar. and you have 5 dogs. Then take 7 more away. With me so far? Write down all the numbers and keep going. 5 girls skipped school 5 went to the mall and 5 went to the park. 79 zebras were at the zoo and 24 were female. I cooked for 818 boys. 13 didn't like it and 5 didn't tell me and left early. Hint write out all numbers. Hint once you written down all the numbers you can text me if you reshuffle them into my number.


  1. either there were done irate cell phone owners with similar numbers or no on texted her. I'm going with the latter. ps...no one is attracted to a 22 year old with two kids

  2. Yeah, she'd have to be something special to make people work that hard to contact her with two kids.

  3. I thought she sounded sweet and normal until the last bit. Pity.

  4. Wow, that's far to many digits.

  5. OK follow these numbers closely. A woman is 22 and she has 2 kids. Are you following this? Now add those numbers together and subtract 24. These are her odds of getting a boyfriend.


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