Purple Vain

Email Sent in by Will:

Hey you. I like your hair. I'm Violet. I'm a natural blonde but I always putted a purple stripe in my hair until last year.

Last year, my best friend said to me that I either had to make out with him or cut off my purple stripe. I wasn't ever going to make out with him so I cut off my stripe. I didn't like the way my hair looked without it so I'm growing it back in. (I made out with my friend anyway though LOL)

What do you do for fun. I like growing out my hair and putting in a purple stripe. Can't wait to do that again!!! It always looked great and if it makes guys like that then all the better ;)



  1. I read the title as "Purple Vein" at first and expected something else entirely.

  2. I guess telling him to get lost wasn't an option...I wonder if her friend also sends out emails to women demanding nude photos and telling them that they "must choose" to either send them directly to him or post them online.

  3. I don't really find this mail that weird. She was probably just trying to be funny?

    I personally hate when the opening mail just says: "hi" or "how are you". I'd much prefer purple veins or vains or w/e

  4. I agree. She sounds a bit "Look at meee, I'm sooo kooky, lol!" but nowhere near the level of genuine and interesting nuttiness we usually expect.

  5. ^ Completely agree. OP, you need to say something to her like "Beeatch, I read ABCotD - you gonna have to kick yo insanity up a notch just to get even an honorable MENTION, yo!"

  6. ^We are all sad and jaded little people.


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