The Only Reason I'd Turn Down Cookies

Email Sent in by Michelle:

This winter is cold isn't it?  So very cold and icy winds like hands reach out to grab and shake us, wet into the winds.  Oh it is so cold!

It is not cold everywhere.  My living grandmother's house is always warm.  She keeps a fire going and bakes cookies.  I am not attracted to women for lusty purposes.  I just extend the invitation if you want to hang out we will hang out at my grandmother's house.  She will watch us and prove that there are no bad intentions on my part.

She is old bag but full of love and she will love to meet you.  Us together can go to her house and eat cookies and try to stuff ourselves into a cock.  She has big christmas cocks I like to stuff myself into and it can probably fit two feet or maybe three.  Imagine three feet in one cock and we can do it together!

Write me either way.  I will keep writing otherwise.  If you want to see a pic of this amazing christmastimes cock then you need but to ask!



  1. I am confused. Did he mean sock? Like a stocking hung by the fireplace?

    Am I just dense?

  2. There are a number of these 'subliminal' messages turning up.

    I think it's some idiot thinking: 'I mention my grandmother and cookies to disarm her, but slyly mention cock-stuffing so that when she comes to my grandmother and cookie-less dingy apartment, she'll subconsciously find it normal when I whip out my hot dog and ask her for a bun."


    He's Norman Bates

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I don't know what a "Christmas cock" is but I can hardly wait to use that term!

  5. http://blue3lf.deviantart.com/gallery/4077523#/dk8we2
    Christmas cock?

  6. Anonyme: lol, I also thought of Norman Bates when I read this! XD

  7. Norman Bates for sure. One with two grandmothers' houses: the living grandmother and the dead one.


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