No, Not Library Picnics!

Email Sent in by Antonio:

I like the photos you posted of yourself but the one of you dressed like a pirate in front of a coffin is in poor taste.  I'm not sure who's in that coffin but you playing stupid games at a funeral is not likely what they would have wanted.  I don't know how you can live with yourself.

If you die then I'll dress up like a cheerleader and get all of my friends to dress up like fairy princesses.  Would you like that?  We'd sing disney songs and dance on your coffin and go on waterslides and library picnics and playgrounds and you would be dead.  That would be just as respectful, you disrespectful bastard.  You should show more respect for the departed.  Maybe then you'll find someone who loves you.


(Antonio says: "The photo she's referring to is a picture of me at a fair, standing in front of a giant treasure chest.  It looks nothing like a coffin.")


  1. You should reply with the following:

    "That was my dad's coffin, he died just last month and his dying wish was to have a jolly pirate-themed funeral where his loved ones could dress up and take pictures. Thanks for soiling his memory, you insensitive bint."

  2. I have just decided to make my funeral a costume party. Nobody will be allowed to enter without a substantive ("I'm a guy in a suit!" won't work), non-Twilight-themed costume on.

  3. Taco, are you banning ALL vampire-themed costumes, or those just reminiscent of Twilight?

  4. It is now my mission in life to be in a situation where I can use Andrew's suggested response.

  5. Just Twilight-themed ones. You can wear a True Blood costume if you want. Or a vamp from the Dresden Files. I'll allow either one.

  6. How about instead of a Dresden Files vamp, I dress up like Harry Dresden dressing up like a vamp?
    "I'm here to find a monster. Not make nice with them."

  7. You can dress as Dresden if you want. But hopefully there will be a hot chick dressed as Murphy too...

  8. Could I play Drusilla from "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer"? Someone will have to play my Spike though. ;D <--sexually suggestive winky face

  9. You can definitely be Drusilla. I'd offer to be your Spike, but I'll be dead, I suppose, so you'll need to find a +1.

    If the Internet has taught me anything this week, it's that you can post a YouTube video asking a celebrity to be your date and it just might work. So ask the *real* Spike!


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