The New "Living Fast"

Email Sent in by Jenny:

I guess I'll start telling a funny story about myself:

Last summer I went to lolla and lost every1 I went with plus my friends phone died so he was using it when I lost them so I had no way to call any1 on top of all that I was ridiculously drunk since I stayed up all night before drinking slept 2hrs started drinking in the cab to the concert

so I took the red line to belmont and clark going home got off the train met 2 gay black guys and this girl got food with them some how ended up walking with them finding myself a block from my place then out of no where the 1 guy kissed me it was awkward and weird.


P.S. I drink a lot work a lot went to culinary school addicted to tattoos. I have my whole back as a chicago theme my calf a zombie clown. I want a norman rockwell clown on the other calf being like the laugh now cry later faces but a good and evil with clowns lol.

I also have some pin up girls and other things on my arms. just living fast and dying young being a degenerate


  1. You're obviously quite a catch! Mind if I take out a life insurance policy on you?

  2. I live in Chicago and if it makes it more interesting, Belmont and Clark is an area known as "Boys Town."


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