I Don't Cross-Dress, but I Do Blug Often

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What I'm looking for:

I can handle anything life throws at me except for bluggers. If you blug, don't even bother messaging me. My brother took up blugging and it pissed off my mother so much that he was banned from the dinner table.  He kept doing it and I moved right out of the house!  He got a girl pregnant but that wasn't nearly as annoying as his blugging.  He didn't stop and I haven't spoken to him in five months.  Seriously, if you blug, that does it, not ifs ands or buts.

If you remind me of my brother, mention him in conversation, or kiss like him (I've never kissed him but I've heard his exes describe how he kisses, like a cross between shamu and a freight train) then we're again, through. He wore my clothes for a year: I know what that means.


  1. Looked up "blugging." The only definition I found was, "poor-quality blogging." Based on some of the writing I've seen out there, it's definitely an offense worthy of being banned from the dinner table. At least.

  2. ^ "The worst part is that after I kissed him, he blugged about it, so all my friends knew."

  3. Presented without comment:


  4. Is it just me or does "blugger" sound like something from Harry Potter?

  5. ^ Maybe you are thinking of "bludgers"?

  6. ^ Yes, but combined with "bugger" which is Brit-speak for homosexual. Maybe a gay bludger?


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