Hell Hath No Fury

Profile Sent in by Marty:

You should message me if

I've been around the block.  If you're:

1. codependent and whiny
2. controlling
3. obsessive and totally insane
4. jealous loser
5. stupid
6. really stupid
7. lazy shit who lives with his parents
8. codependent whiny and stupid
9. bastard thief
10. asshole who cheats
11. another cheating asshole
12. cheating jealous bastard
13. ditching liar
14. human garbage
15. paranoid delusional thief asshole
16. jealous, jobless moron
17. bipolar monster
18. lying sex maniac

then we won't work out. Each of these (if you haven't guessed) describes my former boyfriends (pretty much in order). Trust me: you don't want to be added to this list!


  1. They say you are the company you keep. But not in this case - clearly this person's just been wronged, or extremely unlucky. And I am never, ever snarky :P

  2. "I've been around the block" can sometimes be a good warning sign to run, run away.

  3. So much accomplished in so little time!

  4. "you should message me if I've been around the block cuz I don't always remember the way back home."

  5. Good grief! How old was this girl? 18 exes? She hasn't been around the block, she owns the block.

  6. ^ Assuming, of course, that none of these exes were just one-time dates. I think we've seen a few girls here who think one date = exclusive relationship.


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